1. Purposes and duties of competitions

1.1 Strengthening of health of Zirve sport clubs members;

1.2 Checking of activities of clubs;

1.3 Developing of sport results of club members;

1.4 Fairy rewarding of distinctive sportsmen, trainers and club directors in

1.5 Ensuring of under ages to take part in big competitions with experienced

1.6 Strengthening of friendship between people and make an effort to make a
peace all over the world;

2. Competition’s rules

2.1 “Zirve International Sport Clubs” (ZISC) organize six competitions in a
year; (four stage competitions, cup and final competition)

2.2 Every year competitions will confirm by organization committee according
to movements that are included in heavy athletics sport types; (snatch, clean
and jerk, squat, dead lift, one handed lifting etc.)

2.3 Stage competitions will belong to the all ages from 10 to up (11, 12, 13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18 to 40 and from 40 to up). Sportsmen under 17 will compete
according to their lifting results, upper aged groups will compete on a base of
Sinclair schedule;

2.4 Sportsmen from 1st place to 19th could acquit points to their team;

2.5 Women competitions will be carry out according to number of participants
on a base of Sinclair schedule;

2.6  Final and Cup competitions will carry out 12, 15, 17, 20 aged, men (20+) and woman groups on a Sinclair schedule base;

2.7 The Cup competition defines participants on the basis of 1st and 2nd
stage results, the final competitions define participants on the basis of 3th
and 4th stage results.

2.8 In final competition high pointed teams are going to be a winner;

2.9 Competitions will be controlled by referee group that are confirmed by
organization committee.

3. Participants of competitions

3.1 All the ZISC members could take a part in stage competitions;

3.2 Sportsmen who won license in stage competitions could fight for victory
in Cup and final competitions;

3.3 If stage competitions would be same time with another international
competitions that club members take a part over there, their results will note
in stage competition protocol;

3.4  In competitions there is no any doping control checking, therefore
sportsmen must introduce list of medicine what they had with close envelope to
organization committee (correct notified recommended).

4. Time and place of competitions

4.1 Stage competitions of world championship between ZISC will took place in
the nearest “Zirve Sport Clubs Complexes” for club members residence; (Khirdalan,
Kishinev, Ankara, Lankaran, Chekhanov, Tiflis, Samukh, Neftchala, Darband, and
etc.). Stage competitions of championship will be carry out every year in
February, April, August and October.

4.2 ZISC World Championship has been designed once a year in august in

4.3 Final stage of ZISC World Championship will take place on December in
last month winner club complex, or in one of new complexes;

4.4 Changes with certain reasons will be informed to clubs by organization

5. Financial expenses and rewarding

5.1 All the expenses during competition will be by “Zirve Internationa Sport
Clubs” financial means and by sponsors;

5.2 Transport, food and accommodation expenses will be paid by competitions
organization committee;

5.3 Because of each ZISC member, his/her trainer gets 20 AZN (Azerbaijan
Manat) salary every month during a competition; (each trainer or club has to
have minimum 19 sportsmen).

5.4 The participant members of ZISC get single sport uniform once a year by
organization committee;

5.5 In stage competitions of championship 1st , 2nd and 3rd places are
rewarding with medal and diploma;

5.6 In a Cup and final competitions of championship 1st , 2nd and 3rd places
sportsmen and their trainers will reward by amount 2000, 1500 and 1000 AZN;

5.7 The clubs that took places from 1 to 5 will reward by special gifts;

5.8 Because of their successful results in national team in international
competitions every end of year club members and their trainers will reward with
certificates to buy an apartment (World championship; 1st place – 20 000, 2nd
place – 15 000, 3rd place 10 000 AZN. Europe championship; 1st place – 10 000,
2nd place – 7500, 3rd place – 5000 AZN. Rewarding of youth and juniors World and
Europe Championships previous amount will divide by two. Reward will share half
by half between sportsman and trainer).