“Zirve Sports Club” is a sports club with an independent international status founded by professional sportsmen. The club was founded to properly develop sport and improve healthy lifestyle. Everybody who wants to engage in sports activities is entitled to become a member of the ” Zirve Sports Club, regardless of place of residence, nationality or age.

Club members are provided with the training conditions and right to participate in competitions on a regular basis by the Sports Club, regardless any organization or federation. Members of the” Zirve Sports Club” managed to build up a lot of sports complex in the towns and villages of their residence. Central base of the club is located in the Khirdalan city. This magnificent complex with a territory of 12 ha and confined area of 50 000 m2, is serving properly thousands of club members. Club members won 32 medals in international competitions in 2013.

About hundred of distinguished club members were provided with the apartments. In addition, club management organized about one hundred sports competitions on the high level. Organizing committee of our competitions intends to hold the “1st World Zirve Games ” with potential participation of thousands of sportsmen in 2015 on the highest level.

Management and financial

Zirve sports clubs are run by the board elected at the conferences held annually prior to the final competitions. In parallel with appointing an organizing committee of competitions for each year at these conferences, award ceremony for the coaches and sportsmen is held based on the results .

All financial costs are incurred at the expense of revenue of complexes operating under the Zirve sports club and sponsorship of the club management.