The first meeting of the 8th “Zirve Games” Organizing Committee has been held


The first meeting of the 8th Zirve International Children’s Games Organizing Committee has been held in the conference hall of the training base of “Zirve” International Sports Club situated in AAAF Park Astara. A number of issues have been discussed, including the timing and rules of the competitions, space and infrastructure. President of the club-Tofig Heydarov spoke on the prospects for the completion of the Games within the year, which is currently impossible to organize in full format due to the pandemic.

It was highlighted during the meeting that one of the main objectives of our club is to support the sports policy successfully implemented by the state. “Zirve” ISC has always worked to promote youth sports, and this direction will be proceeded. The organization of the games is a proof of this. The 7th Zirve International Children’s Games organized last year caused a great resonance and was of great importance in terms of attracting children to sports in our country. This year, as a club, we intend to contribute by holding greater competitions.

The importance of close cooperation with the local Executive has been stressed, as the Games will be held in Astara. Ilgar Maliyev, Deputy Head of the Executive, head of the Department for Analysis and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Development, also spoke about the significance of this. He added that “Zirve” is always working hard for the development of sports in the region, and all structures of the Executive are ready to support them in this work, as usual. Maliyev emphasized the full support of President Gazanfar Agayev and said that necessary steps would be taken to organize the 8th “Zirve” Games.