President Ilham Aliyev bestowed apartment to Elkhan Suleymanov!


On the 25th of December, the National Olympic Committee hosted a ceremony devoted to the Sport results for 2019. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the National Olympic Committee, attended the ceremony.

At the event, awards were given to athletes and sport professionals who have served in the development of physical culture and sports in Azerbaijan and achieved outstanding results in 2019.

Elkhan Suleymanov, the well-known former athlete, was among the rewarders. As a weightlifter, he has represented Azerbaijan in numerous international competitions and currently continues his duty as an international referee. He is a member of the Suleymanovs’, a well-known sportsmen family.

Elkhan Suleymanov’s contribution to the Azerbaijan sport was highly evaluated at the event. For this reason, President Ilham Aliyev has given him the order of a new apartment.

Elkhan Suleymanov shared his thoughts on the event and the attention of the head of state: “I’m very cheerful. This year was quite encouraging for me. As a person who has dedicated his life to sports, I can indicate my best words about the thoroughness paid to us. Azerbaijan is a sporting country, and President Ilham Aliyev also cares about the sport. It was a great honor and pride for me him to appreciate my work. I thank my President for that and express my deep gratitude. I am sure that with his support Azerbaijan and its sport will proceed to conquer the tops. Special thanks to Vice President of the National Olympic Committee Chingiz Huseynzadeh, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Ismayil Ismayilov for supporting me. Their labor is undeniable. I also show my appreciation to the leadership of the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation and “Zirve” International Sport Clubs”.