The International Open Freestyle Wrestling Championship was remembered with high organization


On December 14-15, the International Open Freestyle Wrestling Championship of “Zirve” International Sport Clubs took place in the competition hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex. Approximately 400 young athletes from Turkey, Iran, Russia and Georgia, along with Azerbaijan, competed. The tournament, which was attended by wrestlers born in 2005-06-07 years, was remembered with great interest.  The tournament was kept in mind with high level of organization. All local and foreign guests expressed their satisfaction with the attitude and the conditions created and highlighted the significance of organizing such competitions.

The participation of European and Asian champions and prize winners of other international competitions added a special color to the competitions as well.  Azerbaijan team played with a large delegation, and the majority of these athletes represented “Zirve” ISC.

In bodyweight categories, Russian medalists Mahamadrasul Mahammadov, Ahmed and Adbul Baybashanov, Iranian Bahadur Far Ashgan, as well as Azerbaijan athletes Ali Aliyev, Haji Karimov, Elman Agayev, Riyad Khalilov, Musa Agayev, Aghanazar Novruzov, Sardar Sardarli, Ravan and Musayev could board the highest place of honorary chair. Azerbaijan also pinched the first place in the team standings. The next places were taken by Russia and Iran.

Check out the list of winners:

29 kg
1. Mahammadrasul Mahammadov (Russia)
2. Punhan İsmayıllı (Azerbaijan)
3. Maharram Rzayev (Azerbaijan)
3. Hasan Hasanli (Azerbaijan)

32 kg
1. Ahmed Baybaskhanov (Russia)
2. Mahammad Rizmanov (Azerbaijan)
3. Farhad Hajıyev (Azerbaijan)
3. Joshgun Kalbiyev (Azerbaijan)

35 kg
1. Abdul Baybaskhanov (Russia)
2. Yusif İsparov (Azerbaijan)
3. İsa Yunisov (Azerbaijan)
3. Mohammad Hoseyini (İran)

38 kg
1. Ali Aliyev (Azerbaijan)
2. Shamil Ahmedzadeh (Azerbaijan)
3. Fain Amirov (Azerbaijan)
3. Shahin Yaqublu (Azerbaijan)

41 kg
1. Hajı Karimov (Azerbaijan)
2. Punhan Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
3. Valirza Valiyev (Azerbaijan)
3. Huseyn Huseynov (Azerbaijan)

44 kg
1. Elman Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
2. Vusal Nazarov (Azerbaijan)
3. Mahir Novruzov (Azerbaijan)
3. Muradkhan Abıyev (Azerbaijan)

48 kg
1. Riyad Khalilov (Azerbaijan)
2. İbrahim Mehdiyev (Azerbaijan)
3. İbrahim Musayev (Azerbaijan)
3. Namig Abbaslı (Azerbaijan)

52 kg
1. Musa Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
2. Arzuman Dargahguliyev (Azerbaijan)
3. Omar Nasibov (Azerbaijan)
3. Subhan Safarli (Azerbaijan)

57 kg
1. Aghanazar Novruzov (Azerbaijan)
2. Said Nasirov (Azerbaijan)
3. Alim Safarli (Azerbaijan)
3. Emil Khamedov (Azerbaijan)

62 kg
1. Sardar Sardarlı (Azerbaijan)
2. Ali Mirzezadeh (Azerbaijan)
3. Kamran Abdullazadeh (Azerbaijan)
3. Hasan Mammadov (Azerbaijan)

68 kg
1. Rəvan Musayev (Azerbaijan)
2. Anar Jafarli (Azerbaijan)
3. Aykhan Hajıyev (Azerbaijan)
3. İlkin Bayramov (Azerbaijan)

75 kg
1. Bahadur Far Ashgan (İran)
2. Mazahir Mardanov (Azerbaijan)
3. Ali Safarov (Turkey)
3. Moni Mondalashvili (Georgia)