Elshan Mammadov on the highest place of honorary chair


On November 9-10, Azerbaijan Weightlifting Cup began in the competition hall of Weightlifting Academy, in Shuvelan. About 100 athletes from cities and regions, sport associations, sports clubs, sports centers, UGIM who fulfilled the established degree norms for the current statute and who passed medical examination, participate in the competition. The aim is to control the preparations of the athletes, to watch the substitutes, to select the strong athletes.

The subsequent winners were determined amid the athletes of 61kg. Showing 237kg (107+130), Elshan Mammadov boarded the highest place of honorary chair. Tehran Mammadov was runner-up with 230kg (105+125), however Elvin Shukurzadeh took the third place with 184kg (84+100) result.


61 kg

 N     Name Year     City    Club Weight Snatch Clean and Jerk Total
1. Mammadov Elshan 2004 Lankaran Zirve-Aviator 60.5 107 130 237
2. Mammadov Tehran 2002 Gobustan UGİM 60.5 105 125 230
3. Shukurzadeh Elvin 2003 Lankaran UGİM 60.4 84 100 184
4. Nabiyev Ravil 2004 Baku Spartak 57.1 73 85 158
5. Balayev Nuran 2004 Baku Tahsil 60.2 75