Sabina Azimova got the bronze of European Championship!


From the 17th to 27th of October, European Junior Weightlifting Championship amid U-20-23 goes on in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. In these competitions, which have license character to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, attend 488 athletes (206 women and 282 men) from 41 nations. Members of the Azerbaijan national team also join the struggle for medals.

Today, one of them, Sabina Azimova climbed to the platform. She joined the struggle in 55kg bodyweight category of athletes U-20.

In snatch, the athlete took the 5th with 80kg result. However, Azimova performed better in clean and jerk. “Lankaran-Zirve” athlete owned the bronze in this movement with 105kg.

Showing totally 185kg (80+105) result, Sabina Azimova was the forth in the final rankings.

Congratulations to our athlete on the medal she got!