The performance schedule of our athletes in the world championship was proclaimed


On September 18-27,   the 85th and 28th world championships will be held among male and female in Pattaya, Thailand, respectively. The competition, which will be attended by 734 athletes (395 men and 339 women) from 105 countries, will have the license character to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Three members of National team will participate in the championship as well. Their performance schedule is already known.

You can see it below. Note that the performance time is indicated by Baku time:

  N            Name  Weight Group          Day   Hour
1. Sabina Azimova 55 kg C September 19 19:30
2. Boyanka Kostova 59 kg A September 21 14:55
3. Nailkhan Nabiyev 96 kg D September 23 19:30