“Zirve-Astara” at the tournament in Minsk


The “Zirve-Astara” team participates in the 2019 world 3 × 3 basketball tournament organized by the International Basketball Federation. The basketball players try to achieve success in Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Belarus and Switzerland stages. The staff of “Zirve-Astara” includes:  well-known basketball players such as Amil Hamzayev, Anar Hajiyev, Sharif Williams and Marshall Obrian Mozes.

Following the tournaments of “Atupri 3×3 Swiss Tour Final Zurich” and “Ghetto Basket, Rīga #13 Quest Stop”, our team participated in “Palova Round 3” competition held in Minsk, Belarus, on August 11.

“Zirvə-Astara” is in Group A. Here, the team surpassed the “Princhi Nuri” with a score of 22:14 in the first match, however in the second match they lost to “Ostrovech Rosatam” (14:21) and took the second place of Group.

“Zirve Astara” defeated “Vesyolıye Rucheyki” (21:6) and “Briks” (21:19) in 1\8 and 1\4 finals respectively. The team, which played without the main staff Marshal Mozes, lost to the “Mr.Magic” with a score of 14:21 and was the fourth.


“Zirve”, one of the largest sport clubs in Azerbaijan, continues to expand the area of its activities and development. Within the short period of activity the clubs have succeeded in bringing up the winners and awarders of many youth and senior European and World championships. In 2018, the athletes of the clubs managed to clinch 33 medals at international competitions and 108 medals from local competitions. “Zirve “Internatinal Sport Clubs have set up branches in Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Iran, USA, Israel, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova and Ukraine and work in this direction is underway. The goal of the club which entered the international arena not only with its disciples, but also as a structure, is to create the best possible conditions for local athletes in all Olympic sports and in the competitions to keep the flag of Azerbaijan on the top.

As a continuation of these activities, the club supports the growth of Azerbaijan basketball. Particularly, the steps taken in order to bring talented young people to the professional level, worthy representation of our country in the international arena, are gradually accelerating. As part of this work, on March of this year, a basketball court which will contribute to the development of the country has been opened at the “Zirve” Lyceum located in AAAF Park Residential Complex. Following the 7th Zirve International Children’s Games, dedicated to the memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev, hosted a number of competitions, especially basketball. The next stage of the 3 × 3 Azerbaijan Basketball Championship will be held on the 3rd of August, in Astara, and the strongest teams of the country will compete there. “Zirve” ISC also cooperates closely with the Turkish Basketball Federation.

Since this year, the work has begun in the framework of the signed memorandum with Azerbaijan Basketball Federation. As a logical result of all of these activities is the participation of “Zirve-Astara” in the international 3×3 basketball competitions.

“Zirve” International Sport Clubs launched its activity on November 26, 2006 under the name of “Zirve”. Tofig Heydarov-the former weightlifter, participant of the Atlanta Olympic Games 1996, businessman, is the founder of “Zirve” ISC. About a hundred club operates in 12 countries under this name.