Coaching seminar has been held in the framework of the IWF Development Program in Azerbaijan


From the 22nd to the 24th of July, Coaching Seminar has been held in the framework of IWF Development Program with the organization of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) in the |Weightlifting Academy situated in Shuvelan district. The world-renowned weightlifting experts-Colin Buckley (Ireland) and Eduard Andryushkevich (Latvia) attended the event as speakers. In the seminar, nearly 30 coaches from various regions of Azerbaijan participated.

During the three-day seminar, the theoretical and practical sessions on the “New Generation Coaching”, a rehearsal, a video-based technical analysis on the basis of the German system of classical exercises performed by athletes, the tracking of the national team’s training-camps, the coaching structure of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF Weightlifting Academy) and other relevant issues have been organized.

Additionally, it was informed about coaching innovations in the world weightlifting. In the seminar, numerous questions were answered, the opinions of local coaches were heard and guest lecturers gave their feedback.

Rizvan Rasulov, general secretary of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) also expressed his opinion on the international seminar: “We organize this coaching seminar in the framework of IWF Development Program. Every year, such events are carried out to ensure the high level of training of both coaches and athletes for the development of weightlifting in the member countries of IWF. We, as AZE WF, have joined these projects this year. We decided to give our coaches a suggestion to organize a seminar and IWF supported our initiative. We wanted to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals like Colin Buckley and Eduard Andryushkevich and here we again witnessed that our choices are right. The seminar was very effective.

Weightlifting seminars are organized in 3 areas – for newcomers, coaches with some experience and high-level coaches, which we synthesized it and managed to hold a seminar where coaches in all three categories can simultaneously take part in and improve their knowledge. In the future, we can organize for categories separately, but we made a decision to cover it all as it was first. I can emphasize the importance and significance of the theoretical and practical seminars organized for the further development of weightlifting in our country.  Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation intends to work closely with the International and European Weightlifting Federations and other sports organizations to ensure that coaches and other sports professionals are constantly familiar with the latest developments in modern weightlifting and constantly improve their classification for training high-class athletes.

The three-day theoretical and practical seminar not only caused a great interest of the coach-teachers who were invited from the cities and regions of the country, but also provided them with the opportunity to earn useful theoretical and practical knowledge. ”

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