Kickboxing players also tried their strength in the 7th “Zirve International Children’s Games”


From the 5th to 28th of May, the 7th “Zirve Children’s Games”, dedicated to the 96th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, held in the AAAF Park Residential, Recreation and Entertainment Complexes located in Khirdalan and Astara, are proceeding. In the competitions, attended by more than 4000 athletes from 12 nations in 27 sport types, the next competitors have been kickboxing players.

Approximately 100 athletes of eight bodyweight categories born in 2006-2009 joined the medal struggle in the main competition hall of the complex. The representatives of 30 clubs representing the regions of Azerbaijan and the capital competed in the tournament. Young kickboxing players demonstrated a decisive victory and tried to surpass their opponents. In the bodyweight categories of 26 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 37 kg, 42 kg, 47 kg and +47 kg, Elshan Aliyev, Elvin Fatalili, Nazim Verdiyev, Subhan Mammadov, Kenan Jafarli, Vugar Mammadov, Safarali Vahadov and Ruslan Gahramanov won the title of champion. All winners were awarded medals, certificates and memorial gifts. The medal ceremony was attended by the President of the Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation, deputy Adil Aliyev and vice-president of Zirve International Sport Clubs Ruslan Khanverdiyev.

The Games, organized by the “Zirve” International Sport Clubs, are becoming a great tradition. The object of the “Zirve Games” is the preservation of the heritage of genius leader, to bring his work to our future generations, at the same time, propagation and development of sport types, strengthen friendly relations between athletes and coaches, improvement of athletes’ skill levels, perfection of competition practices and evaluation of the work done by coaches.

In this year’s competitions, athletes will compete in weightlifting, equestrian, shooting, basketball, boxing, judo, football and beach football, artistic and sporting gymnastics, wrestling (free-style, Greco-Roman), karate, carting, kickboxing, fencing, archery, powerlifting, chess, taekwondo, tennis and table-tennis, swimming, beach volleyball and volleyball, badminton and athletics.

26 kg
1. Elshan Aliyev – Ganja Olimp
2. Ramil Hasanov– Kobra
3. Shahin Afandiyev – AAAF Park –Zirve
3. Farhad Jafarli- AAAF Park –Zirve

28 kg
1. Elvin Fatalili– AAAF Park-Zirve
2. Jafarsadig İbrahimov – AAAF Park-Zirve
3. Kamal İmamverdiyev – Sarhadchi
3. Aladdin Mirzezadeh – Aghjabedi Union

30 kg
1. Nazim Verdiyev – AAAF Park –Zirve
2. Emil Ganjaliyev– Shahdagh-Guba
3. Mirfarhad Aghazadeh- Neftchi
3. İlyas Aliyev – Aghjabedi Union

32 kg
1. Subhan Mammadov– Neftchi
2. Revan Hasanov- AAAF Park –Zirve
3. Senan İsmayılov – AAAF Park –Zirve
3. Elshad Jafarov- Kobra

37 kg
1. Kenan Jafarli– Ag Janavar
2. Bakhtiyar Verdiyev – Ag Janavar
3. Mirfarid Seyidli – Neftchi
3. Mahammad Shukurov- Neftchi

42 kg
1. Vugar Mammadov– Neftchi
2. Revan Abdullazadeh – AAAF Park –Zirve
3. Ayyub Allahguluyev – Aghdam
3. Rinat Giyaslı – Ag Janavar

47 kg
1. Safarali Vahadov– Guba-Nijat
2. Asger Musayev – Asger
3. Fateh Hasanoghlu- Orion
3. Nurlan Asgerov- Baku

+47 kg
1. Ruslan Gahramanov– Kolizey-Mingachevir
2. Davud Pashayev – Sabail
3. Eljan Ahmedov– Orion
3. Gurban Shirinov- Neftchi

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