Performance schedule of our athletes in the European Championship is known


On April 6-13, European Weightlifting Championship to be held among male and female athletes in Batumi, Georgia, kicked off. In the competition, which will be attended by 401 athletes (187 women and 214 men) from 42 nations, the members of National team will also join the struggle. The performance schedule of the members of Azerbaijan team who will board the platform under the leadership of Asif Mammadov is already known. We offer you the relevant schedule:

  N                Name  Weight    Group    Date    Hour
1. Kanan Khalilov 73 kg Group B April 9 15:30
2. Kanan Aliguliyev 81 kg Group C April 10 12:45
3. Nailkhan Nabiyev 96 kg Group B April 11 12:30
4. Kamran İsmayılov 96 kg Group B April 11 12:30
5. Alish Nazarov 102 kg Group B April 11 22:30