March 31 – Day of Genocide!


March 31 is marked as the Day of Genocide of the Azerbaijanis…
101 years ago the Armenian nationalists with assistance of Bolsheviks began genocide of Azerbaijanians in Baku and its vicinities. Bloody events shortly have spread on all Azerbaijan territory. In March-April, 1918 in Baku, Shamakha, Guba, on Mugani, in Lankaran Armenians killed over 50 thousand Azerbaijanians, plundered their houses, expelled tens of thousands of people from native places.

Only in Baku about 30 thousand Azerbaijanians were killed with special ruthlessness, in the Shamakhi district 58 villages are destroyed, about 7 thousand people, including 1653 women and 965 children are killed. More than 150 Azerbaijani villages in mountain part of Karabakh and 115 villages in Zangezur were barbarous destroyed.

The Decree signed by the National Leader of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev on “Genocide against Azerbaijanis” dated 26 March 1998, provided political recognition to these events and for the first time officially declared the fact of the genocide against Azerbaijanis committed by Armenians.

Every year, on March 31, in Azerbaijan and beyond its borders are held the events devoted to memory of the victims of genocide of Azerbaijanians.

May Allah bless the souls of the victims of genocide!