The opening of the basketball court of “Zirve” ISC was in AAAF Park


“Zirve” International Clubs of Sport, which aims at enhancing the popularity of the Azerbaijan sport by promoting all kinds of sports, particularly Olympic sports, opened the basketball court, which will be operate under the auspices of “Zirve” lyceum situated in AAAF Park Residential Complex and contribute to the improvement of the country basketball.

Eminent Turkish basketball coach and vice-president of “Zirve” ISC Evren Alkaya visited the hall too and gave a positive feedback. He also stated that this is an international approach to sport. In Turkey, this practice has been applied for lots of years and is justified. This path is an indispensable way to educate professional and competent athletes. Evren Alkaya thanked Tofig Heydarov for bringing this experience to Azerbaijan.

Incidentally, the fact that the medals captured by “Zirve” athletes in the World Youth Weightlifting Championship held in Las Vegas, USA, can be seen as the obvious result of these practices and services. Taking into account all these innovations and services, Azerbaijan Basketball Federation made a decision to benefit from the opportunities of “Zirve” ISC, signing a memorandum with it. The ceremony took place at the club’s training-camp base located in the AAAF Park Residential Complex, Khirdalan. The memorandum was signed by the President of “Zirve” ISC Tofig Heydarov and the President of ABF Nadir Nasibov.

It should be noted that, “Zirve” ISC that has basketball court in Ankara, Turkey, also closely cooperates with the Turkey Basketball Federation and contribute to the Turkish basketball. The next target is the representation of “Zirve” ISC basketball teams in high leagues both in Azerbaijan and Turkey.