Report meeting has been held


On February 12, general report meeting of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) for 2018 has been held in the Conference hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex. Senior executives of the body, as well as coaches, referees and other weightlifting specialists took part in the event.

Firstly, the General Secretary of the federation, Rizvan Rasulov welcomed the audience. He has noted that the meeting is devoted to the results of the work done by AZE WF in 2018. Following these, Rasulov made an extensive report in connection with the federation’s activity for the past year. The General Secretary spoke on the one year sentence of the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation Public Union for the doping decision as a result of the analysis of the samples taken from the athletes attended the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games and the solution of the problems caused by this punishment and the remedy of the situation. He also gave a broad information on the local annual competitions, training-camps, regular anti-doping seminars and innumerable controls, construction and restoration of sport facilities in the capital and regions, distribution of weightlifting equipment to the halls, costs, and results earned from international competitions within the year.

After the report, the questions of participants were responded, discussions were held and various suggestions were sounded. In consequently, the report was voted out and adopted unanimously.