Azerbaijan Championship rounded out


On February 7-8, Azerbaijan Weightlifting Championship among males and females rounded out in the competition hall of Shuvelan Weightlifting Academy.

The athletes in 109 and +109kg bodyweight categories were last to board the platform. Ismayil Gurbanov and Hasanbay Hasanzadeh were triumphants with a total of 270 kg (115+155) and 312 kg (140+172) results in their weight categories respectively.


The aim of the competition was the increasing and improving the athletes’ skill level, qualifying athletes who are technically trained and fulfilling their degree norms, determining the composition of National teams, preparing for the upcoming international competitions. In the competition, arranged with the cooperative organization of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation, attended by approximately 100 athletes representing sport clubs and communities from all regions of the country.

109 kg

 N     Name Year      City  Club Weight Snatch Clean and Jerk  Total
1. Gurbanov İsmayıl 2000 Gobustan Zirve 107.7 115 155 270


+109 kq

 N      Name Year     City Club Weight Snatch Clean and Jerk  Total
1. Hasanzadeh Hasanbay 2001 Samukh Zirve 114.2 140 172 312
2. Safarov Vasif 1991 Gobustan Zirve 112.6 141 150 291
3. Kazımov Rahman 2002 Khırdalan Zirve 114.6 127 162 289
4. Aliyev Ali 1994 Ganja Tahsil 116.8 0