Mahammad Mammadli at the highest step of honorary chair!


On February 7-8, the first competition day of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Championship among males and females has terminated in the competition hall of Shuvelan Weightlifting Academy.

Last winners of men’s 67kg bodyweight category have been defined. Ismayilli athlete Mahammad Mammadli clinched gold excelling all his opponents with a total of 277kg (122+155). The next places have been taken accordingly by Rustam Gasimov with a total of 260kg (120+140) and Elmaddin Huseynov with 250kg (110+140) result.


The aim of the competition is the increasing and improving the athletes’ skill level, qualifying athletes who are technically trained and fulfilling their degree norms, determining the composition of National teams, preparing for the upcoming international competitions. In the competition, arranged with the cooperative organization of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation, attends by approximately 100 athletes representing sport clubs and communities from all regions of the country.

67 kg

 N        Name Year    City  Club Weight Snatch Clean and Jerk Total
1. Mammadli Mahammad 1997 İsmayıllı Zirve 66.4 122 155 277
2. Gasımov Rustam 2002 Lankaran Tahsil 66.3 120 140 260
3. Huseynov Elmaddin 2001 Shamakhi Zirve 65.3 110 140 250
4. Alkhasov Sale 2001 Lerik Zirve 66.1 105 130 235
5. Hasanov Nizami 2001 Ganja Tahsil 66.9 96 108 204
6. Hasanov Hasan 1996 Samukh Zirve 66.7 109 0
7. Nasrullayev Rasul 1998 Sumgait Tahsil 67.0 105 0