Great success from gymnasts: 2 gold and 2 silver medals!


On December 6-9, the 25th Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics and the 5th Interregional Cup took place at the National Gymnastics Arena. In the first three days of the competition, individual gymnasts competed in the categories of “children”, “youth”, “seniors”, and the teams of group action performed in the age categories of “children” and “youth”. Athletes include sportsmen from Ojag Sports Club, Baku Gymnastics School, Republican Complex Sports School, Baku Sports School, AyUlduz Club, Zirve International Sports Club, Sarhadchi Sports Olympic Center, Water Sports Palace, Zabrat Sports Club, as well as the students of Sumgait, Gusar, Ganja, Mingecevir, Ismailli, Kurdamir, Shirvan and Goychay districts.
Gymnasts of “Zirve” launched their group competitions in the Azerbaijan championship. Our team finished the 4th with a total of 6050 points.
Among seniors, Aytaj Suleymanli was the 18th with 21.000 points, Fatima Rzazadeh the 20th with 17.400 points respectively. Among the girls born in 2008, Zahra Jafarova grabbed the 6th with 32,700 points. Nuray Guliyeva ranked the 12th with 26.150 points, Deniz Asgerova the 14th with 25.550 points, Leyla Aliyeva 17th with 20.050 points and Fidana Hasanova the 18th with 19.450 points among the girls in 2009.In the girls competition born in 2010, Sevil Huseynli took the 17th place with 20.350 points, Dilek Amrullayeva the 19th with 19.000 points, and among the youth Aytaj Ojagli clinched the 31th with 22.900 points, Fatima Samadli the 33th with 21.650 points, Sariyya Suleymanli the 35th with 17.050 points respectively. Both teams of children participated in the competition too. “Zirve 1” team was ranked 7th with 6.700 points and “Zirve 2” took 8th place with 5.650 points.
The Interregional Cup started on the last day of the tournament. In the 5th edition of this cup gymnasts, representing our regions, demonstrated their performances to referees in both the individual and team action programs. Specially, in this competition “Zirve” gymnasts have been remembered with majestic performance. Our girls under the guidance of Rafiga Aliyeva pinched two gold and two silver medals and achieved great success.In the girls’ competition born in 2006, Fatima Samadli was 6th with 14.850 points, Aytaj Ojagli the 7th with 14.600 points, and Sariyya Suleymanli finished the 4th with 12.450 points among girls in 2007.
Zahra Jafarova was silver medalist with 24.150 points in the girls’ group of 2008. Deniz Asgerova pinched silver with 21,250 points, Nuray Guliyeva the 4th with 18.650 points, Leyla Aliyeva the 5th with 17.850 and Fidan Hasanova the 6th with 16.900 points in the girls’ competition in 2009. We got the magnificent achievement in the 2010 girls’ competition. Dilek Amrullayeva was 5th with 14,700 points. Sevil Huseynli boarded to the highest step of the honorary podium with 17,300 points. In the team competitions, “Zirve 1” ranked first among gymnasts born in 2008-2010 in the group action of hoop.

We congratulate all our gymnasts and all those who have contributed to the wonderful achievement, and wish them the great success in the upcoming competitions!