Ibrahimli Pasha stood on the top of the podium!


On November 29-30, the first competition day of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Cup ended in the competition hall of Weightlifting Academy, in Shuvelan. The last athletes to board the platform have been in the men’s 73kg bodyweight category.

Pasha Ibrahimli could stand on the top of the podium with 291kg (132+159) surpassing all his competitors. Fugan Aliyev landed on the second place with 260kg (120+140), while Elshan Sharifov took the third place of the podium with 248kg (112+136).


About 100 athletes from cities and regions, sport associations, sports clubs, sports centers, UGIM who fulfilled the established degree norms for the current statute and who passed medical examination, participate in the competition. The aim is to control the preparations of the athletes, to watch the substitutes, to select the strong athletes.

73 kg

N       Name  Year     City  Club Weight Snatch Clean and Jerk Total
1. İbrahimli Pasha 1995 Lankaran Zirve 69.8 132 159 291
2. Aliyev Fugan 2001 Lerik Zirve 72.3 120 140 260
3. Sharifov Elshan 1996 Shamakhi Zirve 71.8 112 136 248
4. Hasanov Hasan 1996 Samukh Zirve 72.1 113 132 245
5. Rasulov Nurlan 2002 Khırdalan Zirve 70.2 105 135 240
6. Nasrullayev Rasul 1998 Sumgait Tahsil 70.8 100