Mahammad Mammadli took the lead in the European Championship!


On October 20-27, the EWF Junior&23 Weightlifting Championships has started in Zamosc-Pol. Members of the Azerbaijan Weightlifting team also participate in the tournament where attended a total of 383 participants from 35 nations.

One more member-Mahammad Mammadli competed in the men’s 62kg bodyweight category among U-23 and proved triumphant.

Mahammad ranked first with 150kg in clean and jerk and with a total point score of 271 kg (121+150), however he could clinch silver in snatch.

Earlier, only two athletes – Firudin Guliyev and Anastasia Ibrahimli signed the same title at the European Weightlifting Championship among U-20-23 in Klaipeda, Lithuania, in 2015.

Mahammad Mammadli-the runner-up of 2013 European Youth Championship held in Klaipeda in snatch and in total, but triumphant in clean and jerk, bronze medalist of 2017 European Junior Championship in clean and jerk took place in Durres, Albania, has today achieved the greatest success of his career.

Fantastic Result!

Thank all those who contributed to this great victory, congratulate all Azerbaijan weightlifting fans, wish Mahammad greater success in his future career!