Tarmenkhan Babayev grabbed silver in the Olympic Games!


At the 3rd edition of Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, ARG, the performances of weightlifters are continuing. Today, in the men’s 85kg bodyweight category, Tarmenkhan Babayev have got on the platform.

Tarmenkhan Babayev was born in Nakhchivan in 2001. Representative of “Tahsil” Sports Center. Personal coach is Shafi Huseynov. The double winner of the European youth championships (2017, 2018), six-time record-breaker.

The weightlifter lifted 142kg in the snatch and took the 2nd in this movement.

In clean and jerk, Tarmenkhan came out for 174kg and could take the 2nd as well.

At the men’s 85 kg bodyweight category of YOG, Tarmenkhan Babayev won silver medal with a total of 316kg (142+174).

We are grateful for young athlete for persistent struggle and congratulate him on the first Olympic medal!