Lala Rzazadeh competed at the Olympic Games!


At the 3rd edition of Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, ARG, the weightlifting competitions have launched. Today, in the women’s 58kg bodyweight category, Lala Rzazadeh climbed up to the platform. She became the first female weightlifter to represent Azerbaijan at the Youth Olympic Games.

In snatch, Lala have finished six with 67kg.

She came out for 80kg in clean and jerk, and could take the 6th place.

At the final rankings, Lala Rzazadeh rounded out the women’s 58kg podium with147kg (67+80), taking the 6th.

Following the competition, Lala shared her impressions with us: “It is a great honor to compete at the Olympics. However, I would like to perform better and return home with medal. But, unfortunately, this time it did not work. It was a good experience for me. I promise that I will make a lot of progress in my upcoming competitions and will succeed. I am grateful for everyone who supported me”.

Congratulations Lala for having an opportunity to get a great experience in such a prestigious competition, and thanks for performance!

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