Asif Mammadov: “We will try to represent our country with dignity”


The 3rd edition of Youth Olympic Games started in Buenos Aires, ARG, on October 6, continues. The Azerbaijani representatives have already able to perform in various sports. Starting today, weightlifters will join the competition. On October 11, Lala Rzazadeh in the women’s 58 kg bodyweight category, however on October 12 Tarmenkhan Babayev in the men’s 85 kg will be on the platform.

Before these important performances, we decided to acquire the opinion of the head coach of Azerbaijan weightlifting team Asif Mammadov. The expert initially gave information about preparations: “We join the tournament today. Before coming to Argentina, we had the opportunity for high-level training-camp in Azerbaijan, and to prepare appropriately. Here there is the same condition. We have no difficulty, our training is going according to plan, thank god, no injury. The morale of our athletes is also good, the camp is dominated by high mood. Leadership is also with us, always takes care of and demonstrates full support. I thank them for that. ”

The head coach also spoke about the competition: “This is Olympics, and here competitors have never been easy. You have to put forth your power to compete and to win. I expect from Lala Rzazadeh to better her results of previous competitions. I believe that it will. The target of Tarmenkhan Babayev is to get medals for our country. His capacity allows it to do so. Any medal, regardless of its hallmark, will be a good result. True,currently it is difficult to speak and everything will be known after the end of the competition. But we believe. For representing our country appropriately, we have worked hard, and still working. Hopefully, we will see the value of our work on the platform. ”