Sema Mayilova and Fidan Mirzezadeh competed in the European Championship


On July 22-29, European Weightlifting Championship, among young boys and girls U15-17, continues in Milan, Italy. In the tournament, which will be attended by 388 athletes from about 40 countries (169 girls and 219 boys), the members of Azerbaijan National team will get on the platform.

Two more members of National Team –Sema Mayilova and Fidan Mirzezadeh tested their powers among U-15 girls, in 63kg weight category.

Fidan Mirzezadeh took the 6th place with 59kg result in snatch, 7th place with 73kg result in clean and jerk, and 6th with a total of 132kg (59+73) result.

Sema Mayilova took the 5th place with 61kg result in snatch, 6th place with 76kg result in clean and jerk, and 5th with a total of 137kg (61+76) result in the final rankings.