Today is Jahangir Askerov’s birthday!



Today is the birthday of the President of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation- Jahangir Askerov. He’s 68 years old.

Jahangir Askerov was born in Baku, on July 11, in 1950. He graduated from the Leningrad Civil Aviation School in 1980.

He has worked as a second pilot at the Cherkassk United Aviation of the Ukrainian Civil Aviation Department since 1972, the chief of the squadron at the Zabrat United Aviation Department in Baku, the commander of the flight crew, since 1978 the commander of Yevlakh United Aviation, chief of the airport, the second pilot at the Baku United Aviation since 1981, Capitan, Deputy commander of the squadron, Commander of the squadron, since 1991 Chairman of the Aviation Workers’ Trade Union Republican Committee, General Representative of the State Concer in Turkey since 1993.
Since 1996 – he is the General Director of “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC and President of the AZE WF.

At the time of Jahangir Askerov’s leadership in AZE WF, Azerbaijan weightlifting has lived in the strongest period of development and achieved great success. Our athletes have won great successes in European and World championships, Olympic Games, and returned home with numerous medals. Jahangir Askerov has always been closely involved with the problems and aspirations of weightlifters, has done everything possible to create the best conditions, care for each of our athletes.

We, as a weightlifting collective, congratulate President Jahangir Askerov on his birthday, and wish him longevity, well-being, and further success.

Congratulations, Mr. Askerov!