Weightlifters were allowed to participate in international competitions


According to the decision of the Executive Committee of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), since 19 October 2017, Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) has been suspended to participate in all competitions within one year. The reason for the decision was the positive result during the retesting of samples taken from our weightlifters at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012. As a result, one year of disqualification was applied to 9 countries – Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus, Armenia and Ukraine.
In order to reduce the sentence, federations of these countries were required to serve in accordance with the criteria established. In the case that these criteria are fully observed, the mitigation will be enforced, at the level of athletes (junior and seniors) and technical officials, the exemption from the last 2 months of penalty, as well as from last 4 months for the participation of young athletes in competitions, could be applied.
With great pleasure we can say that Azerbaijan fulfilled all the requirements and IWF made a positive decision on our country and federation, allowing young athletes to participate in the competition at the initial stage. An official letter was sent to the AZE WF from the international organization.
It is noted in the letter by IWF that, the Independent Monitoring Group (IMG), created to review anti-doping work among the nine members of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) suspended in October of last year, has noted significant progress. Upon suspension, all nine IWF members were provided with clear criteria they are required to fulfill, designed to ensure an appropriate balance between sanctions and support. Azerbaijan has met all the criteria to warrant the provisional restoration of some of its rights as member. So, Azerbaijan has been given the opportunity to participate with youth athletes at youth IWF events from 19 June 2018 and with junior and senior athletes and Technical Officials from 19 August 2018”.
According to this decision, Azerbaijan youth team is eligible to participate in European Weightlifting Youth Championship among boys and girls U 15-17, in Milan, Italy, on July 22-29.In addition, Azerbaijan weightlifter will take part in the 3rd Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 6-13.Our country got the license for this competition in the World youth Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 01-09,2017.
Azerbaijan youth team is currently in the training-camp at the Weightlifting Academy, in Shuvalan. Athletes are preparing for the upcoming competitions at the highest conditions.