“The VI Zirve Games” ended with weightlifting competitions


On May 5-13, the “VI Zirve Games” among youth, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of National Leader, deceased President Heydar Aliev, was held in the competition hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex. Finally, weightlifters among the athletes dealing with various sports at “Zirve” International Sport Clubs, joined the struggle.
On May 13, about 50 young athletes, in 4 age groups, got on the platform in the competition hall of AAAF Park. The competition was marked by a high organizational level. The girls and boys born in 2006-08 were present at the tournament. Winners were determined according to the Sinclair table for each age group.
The aim is to maintain the heritage of the leader, to convey his work to our future generations, as well as to promote and develop sports in various places, to strengthen friendship relations between the athletes and coaches, to increase and improve the athletes’ skill level, to improve competition habits and the evaluation of coach-teaching activities.