The Egyptian Weightlifting team held a training camp in Azerbaijan


The training camp of the Egyptian National Weightlifting team took place in Azerbaijan. The guests, who spent 3-week preparatory stage in the AAAF Park Residential Complex, which is the central training base of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation, returned to their homeland. The training of the team, with about 30 athletes, coaches and specialist staff, was very successful. They were also provided with support by AZE WF. Thus, at AAAF Park, team members were provided with comfortable nutrition, accommodation, training, taking a walk and so on.

President of the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation, Mohammad Mahjub, also gave an interview to AAAF TV in one of the trainings and noted that training camps are held at a high level and all conditions are created for them. “Last year we were in Baku during the IV Islamic Solidarity Games. Our training camp lasted 3 weeks and we did our trainings with about 30 staff. Everything here is very good-organization, nutrition, accommodation, training halls and so on. People are also very hospitable. During the training camp, we did not have any difficulties, everything was organized at a high level. We also had a great opportunity to have a walk, and while we were there, had a good time and relaxed”.
Following discussions between Azerbaijan and Egyptian Weightlifting Federations, it was decided to hold joint training camps of both countries’ National teams in both Egypt, and other foreign countries in the future. For information, before the Egyptian National team, Saudi Arabia’s Weightlifting team also realized a 3-week training camp at AAAF Park. After the Egyptian team, several Arab countries and other national teams are also planning to hold a training camp in Azerbaijan.