Rizvan Rasulov: “The importance of scientific bases in the fight against doping was emphasized in Moscow”


On May 4-6, International AntiDoping Seminar was held in Moscow, Russia, organized by the Russian Weightlifting Federation (RWF). A number of important issues were discussed at the event. Among the participants of the seminar was Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF). The General Secretary of the organization, Rizvan Rasulov, took part in the event in Moscow.
– You participated in the International AntiDoping Seminar in Moscow. Please, firstly inform us about this event: what was discussed there, what issues were on the agenda?
– In this antidoping seminar, Azerbaijan representatives also participated among representatives of 11 national federations. Representatives of the Russian National Olympic Committee, Russian AntiDoping Agency, Russian Weightlifting Federation, International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), WADA and Canadian AntiDoping Agency attended the event held at the scientific symposium level. The seminar was held on the initiative of RWF. I can say that this seminar was very rational. The main objective was to use effective tools and methods for avoiding doping problems in weightlifting sport and creating a healthy competition environment in the future. There were a lot of lectures: the place of national federations in the antidoping control system, the importance of medical and biological security in the preparation of highly qualified athletes, the application of biomechanical medical apparatus to control technical and physical training of athletes, etc. Very interesting lectures were presented on perspective and successes of the application of new plant preparations, considered as non-doping in weightlifting. Considering that once the Soviet weightlifting system was one of the most advanced systems in the world, lectures were mostly conducted by Russian scientists. The priority issue was to upgrade and modernize the system. The two main objectives are to avoid doping and to ensure the development of Russian weightlifting and the transformation of one of the leading weightlifting countries. Along with 11 countries, sports administrators, coaches and specialists from 72 regions of Russia participated. There were many interesting seminars. Representatives of Canadian ADA and WADA also made remarkable projects. Many issues were discussed at this seminar.
– AZE WF has clearly shown that he has been fighting against doping with the steps taken in recent years. All both inside and outside the country know that we say “No” to doping as a federation. Were there any discussions, any statements about the activities of the Federation?
-Doping is a common problem. This is especially vital for countries that have been temporarily punished. There are decisions to eliminate the penalty applied. There are countries that have fulfilled these decisions, have difficulties, and have caused violations. Azerbaijan WF fully complies with the obligations that undertook, and all the points outlined in the decisions. They also mentioned it there. We tried that in the near future, our youth, juniors and seniors have the right to participate in the competitions.
– Did any decision on the continuation of the seminars be accepted?
– We will organize countrywide seminars till 7 July. So far we have organized such seminars with the National AntiDoping Agency, and we will continue this process.
– What are the main points of the fight against doping in Moscow?
– There was a seminar as well as a demonstration of power in the near future in the direction of Russia’s scientific potential, preparing of high-level athletes to the upcoming competitions without doping. In this seminar, the Russian government demonstrated the most up-to-date sports centers and material and technical capacities for rehabilitation. Which we have in our country, but we must use it more efficiently. During the Soviet era, there were good sport traditions and a beautiful system that should continue and develop. Here only the scientific potential and the use of modern technological means were sufficient. At one time, China developed its sport using this system. Because here pedagogical, psychological, tactical, technical, medical and biological and selectional work is concentrated here, so high-class athletes were raised . After the Soviet Union, these theories were outdated, and they were out of focus. We did not avoid it. For scientific bases forgotten, doping so easily and quickly took his place. Now we have to take complex measures to come back. Otherwise, the work done can be disrupted. In this seminar, the main thesis and objectives were identified for all federations, not only for RWF. It was emphasized the importance of setting up goals. Actually, in the real world, not only weightlifting, but all world sports are in crisis. Whether it’s commercialization or doping issues …All these adversely affect the development of sports. Perhaps there are some positive points. However, doping is a serious barrier to justice in sport. Today, the International Olympic Committee, WADA, or the federations are fighting in this direction. We also joined this movement.
– We are waiting for big competitions ahead. This year’s Olympic Youth Games in Buenos Aires, and two years later, the main Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held. Participation in these competitions and decent performances is the principal goal. What steps does AZE WF take about these targets?
– There are some things that should not be left-to-right, and should be continued according to a certain plan. We strive to fulfill our commitment worthily. We first took steps to achieve masses. The most part of work is done mainly for youth to undergo a good preparation process and to reach them to some point. Work carried out from childhood is of particular importance for prevention of doping and removal it once and for all.8 months of our disqualification expire in June. We want to participate in the European Championship among boys and girls U15 an U17, which will be held in Milan, Italy. Because the competition among 17-year-old girls is of great importance for us. We can get one more license for the Buenos Aires Summer Olympic Games among girls through this competition. The situation with the Tokyo Olympics differs. Because the licensing system changed. If earlier, the license to Olympics was won according to total team scores, now concrete individuals will get this right. For this purpose, they have to raise their personal ratings and collect as much as possible points, by participating in licensing competitions held in 2018-2020.For this period, the best result in 4 of the six competitions that the athlete participates, will be written down. The world championship in Turkmenistan will be held in November of this year. In this competition, the first license points will also be won. That’s why this year’s world championship is of particular importance. Additionally, according to the decision of the International Olympic Committee, since 2008, more than 20 doping federations – including Azerbaijan – can be represented in Tokyo only by two weightlifters: one man and one woman.
– What concrete steps are taken to develop weightlifting?
– Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation started serious reforms to enrich the material and technical base and expand the geography of our sport. We organize distribution of weightlifting equipments in our authority,and repair gyms, regardless of their subordination, and put in operation new weightlifting halls. In preparation, we have started trainings from December last year. Proper nutrition, medical and biological support, and especially technical, physical and psychological preparations are our main targets. We have invited young athletes to our ranks. We carry out complex measures to prepare reserve forces for national team.