Tofig Heydarov: “We dedicated all our competitions to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic”


Azerbaijan Championship, between men, women and veterans, in the competition hall of AZE WF Academy, in Shuvelan, started. In the competition which is organized by Azerbaijan Youth and Sports Ministry and Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation, approximately 100 athletes from all regions of country take part.
During the competition, the first Vice-President of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation-Tofig Heydarov gave an interview to journalists and gave detailed information about the Azerbaijan Championship and noted that all the competitions to be held this year will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic:
“Azerbaijan championship is organized regularly. After announcing Mr. President Ilham Aliyev this year as the “Year of Democratic Republic”, we dedicated all our competitions in 2018 to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The main purpose of this competition is to re-shape the composition of National team. Because we are expecting great competitions ahead of us. As you know, at the end of the year, there will be World championship and licenses will be issued here for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, and it is time to collect the license points. In addition, we have a license for Summer Youth Olympic Games.
During the interview, Tofig Heydarov stated that the number of participants in the Azerbaijan Championship is getting increased year by year:
“Only those athletes who can perform the degree norms are eligible to participate in these competitions. One month ago, selection competitions were held. About 500 athletes participated in those competitions. There are such weight categories that 3-4 weightlifters participate, but it does not mean that we have only so many athletes in these categories. Only those who do not fill the norm at these weight categories will not be allowed to this competition “.
At the end, Tofig Heydarov spoke about the newly opened halls in Baku and Sumgayit at the beginning of March and added that by the end of the year more 7 halls are expected to be opened.
“We are planning to open weightlifting centers in all regions. Here, our specialists and coaches are also provided with jobs. In addition, conditions are created for other weightlifting types. “