Sabina Azimova: "I tried and got result"


Azerbaijan Championship, between men, women and veterans, in the competition hall of AZE WF Academy, in Shuvelan, started. Firstly, women got on the platform. Absolute winners were determined by the Sinclair table. Sabina Azimova was gold medalist with total 169 kg (74+95) result and 253.42 sinclair points.
The winner shared her joy of victory with AAAF TV and expressed satisfaction with her performance in the competition: “The competition was very good, I tried and got the result. I will try to get good results in the upcoming competitions. I thank all coaches, including the head coach. ”
Sabina Azimova’s personal trainer-Taleh Huseynov also gave an interview to the AAAF TV and appreciated the athlete’s performance and stated that Azerbaijan Championship was organized at a high level.