“Azerbaijan”newspaper: “Weightlifting infrastructure is developing”


The official publication of the Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan Republic, “Azerbaijan” newspaper, prepared an extensive article about the work done by the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation in the direction of infrastructure development. The state newspaper praised our activities and noted that the steps taken are a great foundation for the future. We present you this article:

Weightlifting infrastructure is developing
One of the main issues in the development of sports is the creation of a normal infrastructure in this area. It is no coincidence that one of the main characteristics of our country’s sporting policy is the commissioning of new sports complexes, training halls and stadiums. Over the past 15 years, the construction of more than 40 Olympic sports complexes, dozens of other sports facilities, training halls and stadiums in our country, as well as the restoration of the existing infrastructure is a clear embodiment of this.
One of the most remarkable aspects of the issue is the creation of specialized sports equipment on different types of sports in our country. In the meantime, the introduction of weightlifting complexes and training halls in recent years is a pretty commendable step. Weightlifting is a specific type of sport. In Azerbaijan, weightlifting has historic traditions. True, in recent years there have been some unpleasant incidents in our country, but all problems are gone. The new reforms launched in Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation, the selection of new vice presidents, the transfer of national teams to the young promising coaches on all age groups laid the foundation for a new stage in the development of weightlifting. In recent years, the successes of our young weightlifters in the European Championship held in Kosovo and Novy Tomisl-Poland, in the 4th Weightlifting Championship of Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation in the capital of Jordan-Amman, the 7th World Junior Championship in Thailand and other competitions, confirms these claims. These achievements tell about the victories of our national team in the future. And most importantly, our athletes’ performances in international competitions have shown in recent years that it is possible to succeed without doping. All these issues are under strict control of Federation President Jahangir Askerov. The federation’s recent efforts have given its successful outcome with his leadership and initiative.
Today, one of the necessary issues that the Azerbaijani Weightlifting Federation focuses on is the expansion of the infrastructure network. Several gyms have been put into operation in the regions. On March 5, opening of the next universal weightlifting complexes in Baku and Sumgait showed that this process is sustainable and AZE WF is properly performing its tasks and provides great support for the country’s sporting policy. First, on the opening ceremony of the complex situated at Heydar Aliyev Avenue, 18th block, 37A, in Sumgait, the First Vice-President of AZE WF Tofig Heydarov and members of the Presidium of the Federation, athletes and representatives of the city community participated. It was noted that at the same time about 50 weightlifting and other types of sports – bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit and others – athletes have the opportunity to train and prepare for competitions at the highest level. In the complex, there are dressing rooms, special sports equipments and vitamins stand, football pitch and other rooms.
Then the opening ceremony of the complex in Baku was held. Joint project of “Zirve” International Sports Club and Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) is a universal weightlifting Complex built at the Azadlig Avenue 154, in Baku. The opening ceremony was attended by Azer Aliyev-Vice-President of AZE WF, Deputy Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee. After cutting the ribbon, he got acquainted with the conditions created here. He was informed that the complex has all the conditions to engage in weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit and fitness. Throughout the day, nearly 500 athletes have the opportunity to train professionally. The complex was equipped with the most modern equipments and individual approach to each sport was applied. Well-known athletes, athletes who have succeeded in various types of sports, experienced doctors and massagers, coaches will work here.
Tofig Heydarov said in a statement to the newspaper about the work carried out in the direction of the weightlifting development in our country: “Each year, Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation carries out repair and restoration work and the opening of about 20 weightlifting halls and complexes. In 2017, major repair and restoration work was done, equipments were renewed and maximum conditions for training were created in the central weightlifting hall in Gobustan, the Ramanada Hall of the “Spartak” Volunteer Sports Society, the Weightlifting Hall of the Republican Specialized Olympic Reserve Children-Youth Sports School No.1 of the “Education” Republican Sports Center, the Central Military Sports Club weightlifting hall, weightlifting hall of the Academy of Physical Culture and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic and others. Naturally, “Zirve” International Sports Club closely participates in this work. Several gyms have been created by our club in recent years. For instance, a new training base for weightlifting, situated at the AAAF Park Residential Complex in Astara, is a grand complex. In this multifunctional base, 150-person competition and 20-person weightlifting training hall, a dressing room equipped with all the conditions, as well as an extensive AAAF Fitness Gym, canteen for 50 people and other rooms were given for use of athletes. This year, we plan to launch about 10 new weightlifting halls”.
Tofig Heydarov also noted that the promotion of healthy lifestyle among people and the expansion of the material and technical base for growing future champions, and the improvement of the training and fitness conditions of athletes are continuous. In the current and next years , Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation intends to put into operation new sports complexes. As you can see, the infrastructure of weightlifting is rapidly developing in Azerbaijan. Another important issue is the support of individual sports clubs to state policy in this regard. The activity of “Zirve” International Sports Club in this area is especially appreciated. The club was created to promote sports, especially weightlifting, on scientific basis and to improve a healthy lifestyle, as well as to support the government’s care for sports. Over the past 12 years, many young and junior European and World champions have come out of the club, which has made a major contribution to the development of weightlifting in our country. At present, “Zirve” International Sports Club properly serve to the development of sport in our country.
Rashad Jafarli,