The next anti-doping seminar was held!


On February 15, the next anti-doping seminar was held with the cooperative organizational support of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) and Azerbaijan National Anti-doping Agency (AMADA) with the instructions of International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) in the conference hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex. Athletes, various qualified specialists, administrative and managers participated at the event.
Firstly, Rizvan Rasulov, the General Secretary of AZE WF, took a floor. He emphasized the importance of fight against doping and spoke about the significance of the measures implemented. Rasulov positively assessed AMADA’s activities and highly appreciated the work carried out by this organization in order to ensure healthy competition at sport. Recalling the recent steps taken by the Federation, the General Secretary stated that this work would be continued intensively. Noting that enlightenment through anti-doping seminars is one of the key parts of the overall anti-doping struggle, the speaker said they would try to hold such events regularly.
Later, lecturers, the representatives of AMADA, spoke. Farhad Abbasov (lawyer, AMADA), Emil Hajiyev (analyst manager, AMADA), Kamala Babayeva (doping control manager, AMADA), and Dr. Farid Aliyev ( Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Therapeutic Use Exceptions) gave detailed information on the Anti-doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), Doping Control Process, Whereabouts, Prohibited methods and Prohibited Substances identified on Prohibited List, Therapeutic Use Exceptions (TUE).
Participants were provided with extensive information on the consequences of the use of prohibited substances, penalties for their acceptance, renewal list and criterias for its compilation, rules for testing in and out of competition, athletes whereabouts information, ADAMS system, Therapeutic use exception (TUE) and other important points . During the seminar, participants’ questions were also answered. At the end, athletes took part in the anonymous doping surveys, educational booklets and brochures were distributed.
It should be noted that AZE WF has recently expanded the anti-doping measures. Federation attaches great importance to this aspect, especially enlightening of the younger generation.
The work carried out by AMADA should also be emphasized. The main functions of this organization are managing and promotion of anti-doping program, testing in and non- competition period, subsequent processing of results, athlete enlightenment, doping detection, prevention and prophylaxis, and prevention of doping use in public and sport communities.

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