Training-camp continues!


The training-camp of National Weightlifting teams consisting of women and men continues in Kamenech-Podolsk, Ukraine.
We talked with head coach Asif Mammadov to be informed about preparations. The specialist expressed his satisfaction with the training-camp: “We were here from February 4. The aim of this training-camp is to prepare intensively and effectively for the upcoming competitions and to be tested in various climate and training conditions. The athletes are training according to the plan and are preparing for the upcoming internal and international competitions.The preparation level of our athletes is satisfactory. Fortunately, we have no injured athletes. On the early days of the training-camp, we preferred relatively light workout . A week has already left behind and we increase the weights. Athletes feel good, show enthusiasm in trainings and have high mood. Just like at the end of each training, we intend to hold an open test training at this time. On February 25, we come back to Baku and we plan to continue our preparations in the Native Land. “