“Zirve” and AAAF Park summed up the year, the best were awarded


On December 30, an event dedicated to the 2017 results of “Zirve” İnternational Sport Clubs and Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AZE WF) was held at the Conference Hall of the AAAF Park Residential Complex. Club and company managers, employees and specialists, as well as former employees took part in the ceremony.

Tofig Heydarov, the president of “Zirve” International Sports Club and AAAF Holding , took a floor in the event. He first emphasized successful performances of “Zirve” International Sports Club athletes in World and European championships, as well as other prestigious tournaments throughout the year. It was noted that the achievements in the IV Islamic Games in Baku, World Youth Championship in Thailand, European Championship in Prishtina, made a great contribution to the Azerbaijan sport and its development, and it is proud to have a key role in these victories. Alongside with Azerbaijan, our foreign branches also celebrated championships in different competitions, and introduced the club and the name of our country to the world.

Tofig Heydarov also announced plans for the AAAF Park. He stated the further development of the company, the main targets are that the Park Territory will be opened only for residents in the future and the members of “Zirve” ISC and there will be a better service. The President added that the AAAF Park project will be exemplary, the problems will be solved as soon as possible and everyone will be satisfied.

Then, distinguished athletes and coaches of “Zirve” International Sports Club’s sport types, such as weightlifting, football, judo, wrestling, powerlifting, karate and rhythmic gymnastics, were awarded with memorable plaques and presents, and some were given housing certificates. Also, AAAF Holding’s current and former employees were received a large amount of discount certificates to buy house in AAAF Park.