AMADA Manager: "Young weightlifters are aware of the doping hazard"


An outreach event was held with the participation of employees of National Anti Doping Agency of Azerbaijan (AMADA) at the same time Azerbaijan Weightlifting Cup in the competition hall of Weightlifting Academy, in Shuvelan. Lala Hajiyeva, the education and training manager of the organization, talked about the essence of these events by interviewing the federation’s official website and AAAF TV:
“Our main goal is to promote clean sports. As AMADA, we have begun to educate our athletes and have done so in many federations. Today, we allocated a place for weightlifters. We want to enlighten athletes to maximum extent. We distributed booklets here, provided questions about anti-doping, and the athletes responded to them and tested their knowledge. In the future we plan to organize seminars with all the federations. There will also be training for doctors. In short, AMADA has begun extensive outreach activities. I was very happy that young athletes are aware of anti-doping. There were also conversations with them and they stated that they are regularly informed about it and questionnaires are conducted. This shows that these sportsmen are well trained. “