Sabina Azimova is three-time European champion!


European Weightlifting Championship, among young weightlifters U-15 and U-17, to be held in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, on 22-30, continues. 305 athletes (130 girls and 175 boys) from 40 countries will compete in this competition. Azerbaijan National team is also among the participants.
One of our main golden hopes, Sabina Azimova got on the platform today. She competed in 53 kg weight category, among U-17 boys.
Sabina is a double winner of European championship among juniors, a record holder for girls U-15 in this weight category. Today, Azimova was on the platform to become three-time European champion and it is gratifying that she could succeed.
Sabina successfully performed all three attempts in snatch and in this movement, took the 2nd place with 78 kg weight category. In clean and jerk, our athlete could lift 96 kg and again took the 2nd place.
But our overall result was very successful.
Sabina Azimova managed to overcome all her opponents in 53kg weight category, with a total of 174 kg (78+96).
Our 17 year-old athlete also added the victory in Prishtina to the gold medals in Landscrona and Novy Tomisl. She is already the three-time winner of the European Championship. Bravo, Sabina!
Congratulations to all the weightlifting lovers of Azerbaijan, and thank all those who contributed to this wonderful victory.