The participants’ names of the X Zirve Cup are known


The participants’ list of the X Zirve Cup to  be held in AAAF Park Sports and Residential Complex built in Ivencea next to Chisinau, Moldova, on September 9-11, was determined. In the table below you can see the names of athletes who will compete for  the medals:

N Name Born Nat BW
1. Andriy Ostalyuk 1993 UKR 135.5
2. Adel Madiyarov 1998 RUS 68.15
3. Vitaliy Olevich 1993 UKR 86.95
4. Cechir Serghei 1990 MDA 71.50
5. Lungu Daniel 1998 MDA 58.65
6. Mateusz Sova 1996 POL 84.70
7. Ciobanu Tudor 1999 MDA 84.40
8. İbrahimli Pasha 1995 AZE 70.25
9. Akın Melih 1993 TUR 113.5
10. Georghi Chernei 1990 ROU 83.40


N Name Born Nat BW
1. Tazeddinova Aliya 1987 RUS 59.10
2. Gotfrid Anastasiya 1996 GEO 93.30
3. Lyubov Shelelyo 1997 UKR 68.35
4. Eliza Vcislak 1997 POL 75.70
5. Tatiana Ciobanu 2001 MDA 59.20
6. Zeynep Atakan 1998 TUR 67.00
7. Butnari Concordia 2000 MDA 55.80
8. Maharramova Marziyya 1996 AZE 48.60
9. Abbasova Elnarə 1997 AZE 62.00
10. Rzazadə Lalə 2001 AZE 54.10

Traditionally, the competition which will have participants from the international branches of “Zirve” International Sports Club, will be organized at the international level this time. Representatives of our club in Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Poland will compete for the medals in this tournament.
The cup will be held in the age group of 2: women and men.
The strongest athletes will be determined according to the Sinclair schedule. 10 athletes are expected to participate in each group. Local and international referees will defend justice in this competition.
The X Zirve Cup will also be dedicated to the memory of Velichko Cholakov, a former weightlifter, one of our favorite members of the club, the bronze prize winner of the Olympic Games and the medalist and winner of other major international competitions.
At the same time, this tournament will coincide with the opening ceremony of this newly built Complex. Therefore, at the end of the competition, a musical-entertaining concert will be organized. The competition schedule is as follows:
15:00 – Men
17:00 – Women
19:00 – Opening-closing ceremony