Our weightlifters were admitted to higher educational institutions


The State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced the results of the placement to Azerbaijan higher educational institutions for the 2017-2018 academic year. Fortunately, there are also members of the weightlifting family among the winners.
Sabina Azimova, Ismayil Mammadov, Almazkhan Safarov and Kenan Khalilov have been admitted to the weightlifting faculty of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport and coach-teacher specialty, Abulfatzade Elmar- Agrarian and Engineering Faculty and “Soil Science and Agrochemistry” specialty of Lankaran State University, and Gardashzadeh Yusif- to the faculty of “Marketing” and “Expertise and Marketing of Consumer Goods” specialty of the Azerbaijan State Economic University. In addition, experienced specialist, international referee Rasim Orujov has also been admitted to the weightlifting faculty and coach-teacher specialty of Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport.
We congratulate them and wish them successes!
Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AAAF) continues their work to achieve the best conditions for the preparation of young and junior athletes for competitions, as well as their education. At present, the “Zirva” Lyceum in AAAF Park Residential Complex, is also a sporting destination, along with humanitarian and technical skills. Many athletes are educated here, and most of them are weightlifters. It is no coincidence that three of the athletes admitted to higher education institutions this year – Ismayil Mammadov, Abulfatzade Elmar and Gardashzade Yusif are graduates of the ” Zirve” Lyceum. At present, eleven students from the lyceum are members of National Weightlifting team.