The 5th annual “Zirve Games” organized!

 The “V Zirve Games” dedicated to the 94th anniversary of National Leader, President HeydarAliev started in the competition hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex, on May 4. The competition that participates athletes dealing with various sports, has already become a tradition.
This year will be a medal fight for 3 sports – weightlifting, judo and artistic gymnastics. In the competition, the athletes of “Zirve” International Sports Clubin cities, towns and villages , who passed the doctor’s examination and have an invitation, are able to participate in the competitions.
The aim is to teach and develop the sport of weightlifting in cities, towns and villages, to strengthen friendship relations between the athletes and coaches, to increase and improve the athletes’ skill level , to improve competition habits and the evaluation of coach-teaching activities.
Weightlifting competitions between 2005-07 year boys and girls in each age groups, were held according to the Sinclair schedule.In the competition, a degree request was applied in Snatch and Clean and Jerk.
Ismayilli athlete GarayevaSeljan was champion among girls. He got gold medal with total 94 kg (40+54) result and 174.09 point.
Among 2007 year boys, TuranAliev with 61 kg (28+33) result and 194.18 points, RavinAlmammadov with 83 kg (37+46) result and 219.88 points in 2006 year boys, among 2005 year boys, Emin Akberovgot on the highest place of honorary chair with 113 kg (49+64) result and 234.79 points.

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