License winning weightlifters returned to Native land!


Azerbaijan team, that participated in the 7th World Youth Championship in Bangkok, Thailand, came back to Baku. The results of the competition, that had 445 athletes (197 girls and 248 boys) from about 100 countries, were auspicious for us. So, the members of national team increased country’s reserve points appropriately and  got a license to the Youth Olympic Games in Argentine, for next year. Yesterday at noon the team returned to the Native land.
The member of National Team-İsmail Mammadov, coach Asif Mammadov and the  General Secretary of the Federation- Rızvan Rasulov shared the impressions of World Championship by making a statement to AAAF TV.
The sides noted that the national team has great potential and  it was proved in this Championship that, our young athletes are ready to compete ,not only with their own  peers and, also with older competitors in the future. It is informed that we have a chance to win medals at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and we can reach this desire when we are well prepared. Then, the meeting was held with members of the Federation’s managing staff, in the conference hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex. The Vice-Presidents of AAAF-Tofig Heydarov and Ruslan Khanverdiyev, as well as General Secretary-Rizvan Rasulov welcomed and congratulated everyone. The results of the World Championship  held in Thailand, were discussed.
During the meeting, Tofig Heydarov expressed his impressions about the competition. And also the head coach of national team noted that, before we went to Thailand, even if we considered  the 17th place giving 1 license successful, we started to think about 2 max licenses in the course of the competition:” Even the 5th place in the overall rankings made this possible. In any case, 1 license is also a great success. It should be noted that Azerbaijan ranked third among European countries after Russia and Turkey. This gave us the opportunity to look into the future with great hope. The members of National Youth team are 1 year or even 2 years old younger than their peers. The weight they lifted on the platform  also informes great improvement. In short, this competition was successful for us and we took a big step forward in terms of both outcome and perspective. The 7-10th places of our athletes mean medal for us. We evaluate these results like a bronze medal, and today we are presenting the award for the bronze medal exactly. Azerbaijan team proved that it is possible to achieve success as a tea, without doping.
The athletes and trainers who performed in Thailand, were awarded with prize money and housing certificates.