The weightlifting hall in Surakhani was also renovated


Azerbaijan Weightlifting  Federation  takes great care with the infrastructure issues. Creating and updating the material – technical basis, the operating room, repair of buildings and other training halls, preparations , the creation of maximum favorable conditions for training are the fulfillment of the basic requirements. The Federation develops its work in this direction. Last month, we informed you about repairing of Gobustan hall. Now repair- restoration work was carried out in Surakhani Weightlifting Hall which is the most famous and oldest hall of country.
In the weightlifting hall of Children-Youth №1 Sport school of National “Education” Sports Centre which is on the balance of Azerbaijan Republic Education Ministry, located in Surakhani , a long-awaited repair works recently completed.  The wooden floors inside were renovated, the changing room, the walls and floors, and the sanitary junction were repaired and put into use.
This hall, which is one of the main weightlifting hall of Azerbaijan, works from the 50’s of last century. It was last repaired in 2000 by the initiative of the President of  Azerbaijan Republic and National Olympic Committee, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.  Once AWF  determined that this room need  repairing, the necessary efforts were made in a short period of time and  the young, junior  and older athletes can continue their training in a good condition in Surakhani.
The USSR Sports Master, Veteran  Coach, Honorary Worker of Physical Training and Sports Figure, International Technical Official- Vahid Nezerov, leads the training in Surakhani. Experienced specialist who trains new generation of weightlifters from 1980,  is satisfied with the work done here. Nezerov informed that, Afghan Bayramov, Soltan and Rizvan Kerimovs, Mehman Arzumanov, Elmar Sulatov, Zahid Nezerov, Hatip Hesenov, Nizami Pashayev, Hatip Hesenov, Allahyar Abishov, Nazim Mirzayev, Terane Abbasova and other well-known athletes trained , increased experience  and   prepared for Local and International Competitions in this hall. “The hall has a great value for Azerbaijan weightlifting. Many well-known athletes  came out here and achieved successes.
Our hall which was renovated in 2000  with the initiative of  President of Azerbaijan Republic and, National Olympic Committee, is again to attention. Accordingly, I thank to  Administration of Azerbaijan Weightlifting  Federation , especially to Vice- President- Tofig Heydarov. Work done in these days should be appreciated. Even though doping was a problem for a while, now the situation is improving.  I would like to thank the Federation for their repair – restoration work “.