The tournament ended with the victory of the Turkish veteran athlete


International Weightlifting Tournament dedicated to National Hero Fakhraddin Shahbazov’s memory, which will be held in Weightlifting Academy in North Dres settlement, has ended.
Eventually, veteran athletes have got on the platform. Salih Suvar has owned gold medal in the masters struggle. Showing total 212kg (95+117) result and 435.75 score, 68-year-old Turkish athlete could get on the highest step of honorary chair.
Azerbaijan athlete Vladimir Jilyayev  has been silver medalist, with total 213kg (92+121) result and 432.63 score. Showing total 285kg (130+155) result and 364.46 score, Israeli Tolik Mushik has owned bronze medal.

The  purpose of the competition  is to commemorate martyrs in the  National Hero fakhraddin Shahbazov’s personification , to promote Shahbazov’s lifeline  and his sport activities among athletes and youngsters, to develop and promote  weightlifting, detect  the most powerful athletes, strength the friendly relations, and  increase the skill level of the athletes. General management for preparation, organization and conduct of the competition, is carried out by   Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation and Baku  Youth and Sports Directorate. The holding of the tournament is assigned  by  an approved division of chief judges.

The athletes of Sports Organizations, that operating in Baku and in other regions, are authorized to participate in tournament. However, the next time,  athletes from vaious foreign countries will be able to take part in this  tournament. In the competition, along with Azerbaijan, the weightlifters from 12  are expected to perform.
Weightlifting Tournament
-will be held among  5 age groups and veterans
– U-17 and over 17 years  women
-U-17-20 and over 20 years  men
The tournament will be held according to the ” organization and conduct rules of competition” of International Weightlifting Federation.
-The competition has an individual nature, winners and awarders in each age group will be determined according to their scores in “Sinclair” table.
– The athletes who have taken the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group, are awarded with diploms, presents, and medals by Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation and Baku  Youth and Sports  Directorate.