Similar performances from Kurnaz and Lortkipanidze


European Weightlifting Championship among Under 20 and 23 juveniles held in Eilat, Israil, continues. The members of “Zirve” International Sports Club also take part in this tournament  lasting in December 2-10. Two more  representatives of our club-Tatya Lortkipanidze and Mehtap Kurnaz , among U-23 woman athletes struggling , has got on the platform in 63kg weight category.
“Tiflis-Zirve” athlete-Lortkipanidze is 84kg in snatch and 104kg in clean and jerk.
Showing total 188kg (84+104) result, she has taken  the 6th place in the final rankings.
“Ankara Tuzgolu-Zirve” athlete Mehtap Kurnaz has shown almost  similar performance. She is 83kg in snatch and 105kg in clean and jerk. Kurnaz has got the same result 188kg (83+105) with Lortkipanidze. She has taken the 5th place in European Championship, because she is lighter than Tatya in personal weight.