Competitions started


The 10th Weightlifting World Championship has started. Firstly, the participants have taken part in snatch. Prior to that, the opening ceremony of international tournament  was held. The president of “Zirve” International Sports Club- Tofig Heydarov spoke: The Speaker has spoken  about the current situation and development prospects and future plans of Azerbaijan Weightlifting: “Welcome all”. We, as “Zirve”, are working for the development of weightlifting, fitness and generally strength types of sports in different regions of our country and in foreign countries, and also we are building a lot of sport halls. We want  all athletes who train here, could participate in our competitions and could get championships. For this reason, we added  3 more movements to classic weightlifting. In the future , we intend to increase number of athletes and  types of sports. The main objective of our work, to fight against the doping and  to eliminate this serious problem. We intend to build 20 sport halls in Azerbaijan, in 2017. An experienced trainers will work there, and give training in a correct way. Our competition, which will be organized in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Powerlifting Federation, will be supported for  the development of non-olympic sports.  Big prize fund will be in our competitions that will be held regularly, and as always, AAAF Park Residential Complex will perform as a sponsor. I thank  Azerbaijan Republic Leadership  for the conditions created for the development of all types of sports in our country. Welcome once again to everyone, and declare the competition open”. For information, heavy athletics championship will be held in the competition hall of AAAF Park Residential Complex, and in this international tournament, athletes from Ukrain, Moldova, Iran and Azerbaijan will get on the platform. The following 5 types of weightlifting will be in this competition:

  1. Snatch
  2. Clean and jerk
  3. Squat
  4. Bench-press
  5. Deadlift

This new sport in this competition that successfully passed the testing. winners and awarders will be determined separately for each type. In addition, Each athlete has the right to compete in different types which he\she wants and has the right to refuse from participating, and there is no  obligation to participate in all forms. The goal is to give an impetus to the development of sports in Azerbaijan and in the world, and to support the growing of a healthy young generation. For the first time it will be held at the international level.