Our team coach:  High-level training has been held


Azerbaijan national team will also participate in European Weightlifting Championship held  among Under 20 and 23 juveniles in Eilat, Israil in December 2-10. Our athletes have been  trained  in the regular training camps. The team which are provided with all the necessary conditions, are ready for a medal struggling in Israel. We talked with team coach and an experienced specialist  Karim Karimli about our team’s preparation for the European Championship. Honored coach spoke about the upcoming  competition and the preparations : “We had a very high level training”. Athletes’ sentiments are high. I appreciate our young athletes’ training both physically and morally. Hopefully, Each athlete in this competition will compete to succeed and to increase their personal results. If it works, we can get medal and we can bring joy to our people. I would like to thank all those who have contributed”.