Tamas Ajan visited to AAAF Park residential complex.


The president of İnternational Weightlifting Federation Tamas Ajan, the president of Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation Jahangir Askerov and vice-president Azer Aliyev visited to AAAF Park residential complex. They reviewed  the high level conditions created for weightlifters in AAAF Park. Firstly, the guests got acquainted with the park in residential complex. They approved the greenness, cleanness and tidiness in this area and also claimed the abundance of appropriate places for resting. AAAF Park residential complex founder and Azerbaijan  weightlifting team head coach Tofig Heydarov and the vice-president of federation Ruslan Xanverdiyev  added that this opportunities are created as a result of care and attention to the sport in our country and also athletes can take advantage of these chances. Then, the guests visited to ‘Zirve high school’. First, they put the flowers at the national leader Heydar Aliyev’s monument, showing him respect and respect. In high school, the work of modern chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, computer rooms, military and Unity cabinets, gymnastics and judo, weightlifting and  gym  halls, football pitches and tennis courts was shown  and it was also claimed  that all of them are for the high level education of young weightlifters. İt was also pointed that there are a lot of opportunities, highly qualified teachers and trainers for educating and training about 50 perspective weightlifters in AAAF park. Tamas Ajan was very satisfied with what he saw. He also said that these ideal conditions play an important role for the formation of healthy young people and he was very happy for the pupils who get this chance and wished them successes. Tamas Ajan stated that our country’s care is an example to others, and he witnessed  these during  his visit here every time. After taking photos in front of H.Aliyev’s bust  in the lobby of high school, the president of IWF, pointed his great impressions ,  the bright future of Azerbaijan and  its sport.
   The guests got acquainted with the activities of Children-Sports Academy, judo and gymnastics halls, and the other sports and catering facilities in the Complex. It was informed that the opportunities were created for athletes to engage in training in all modern, equipped with the newest equipment fitness center. The training gym of our weightlifting team created special interest. Here  individual weight  for each athlete, platform , personal trainer, plus,  the creation of resting opportunities in the private rooms caused the positive surprise , and it was added that such conditions exist in the rarest parts of the world. Tamas Ajan, Jahangir Askerov and Azer Aliyev met with trainers and athletes and wished them great successes, also  expressed their joyfulness  to their championships. It was informed that the hall’s wooden cottages and hotels in the training base  are created only for athletes, and all the possible details are taken into account for athletes’ resting after training. Tofiq Heydarov said that AAAF Park has a lot of opportunities for training an Olympic champion from very young age and raising him/her to the high levels. The guests were informed that AAAF Park residential complex solves the weightlifters’ housing problem  and all our  athletes who won medals in the international competitions and their trainers are rewarded with money,  house, and after some time they are provided with work here. The guests expressed their satisfaction with what they saw, and also noted their certainty about that this unique place will play a crucial role in the development of Azerbaijan sport, especially weightlifting.
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