Judoists successfully performed in Khizi


Judo championship, dedicated to the memory of Martyr Ravil Novruzov , held between 2003-2004 year juveniles in 4 th of September in Khizi, Gilazi. Championship held very interesting and young sportsmen from various regions tested their powers. In championship “Zirve” sportsmen competed as well. Under guidance of Hatam Ahmadov, “Absheron Zirve” judoists owned 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.  We congratulate all our judoists and wish them continuous success!

A list of our junior medalists:

Gold medalists:

Valizade Turac – 24 kq

Hasanov Emin – 30 kq

Aliyev Murad – 34 kq

Hajıyev Oruc – 38 kq

Silver medalists:

Rzayev Orxan – 27 kq

Ahmadov Gaçay – 34 kq

Bronze medalists:

Abışov Tarlan – 38 kq

Aliyev Huseyn – 38 kq

Azmammad Elcan – 50 kq