Phoenix-Zirve athlete took 6th place in Rio and renewed record!


31st Summer Olympic Games have started in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Weightlifting contests also started this night. Firstly, women in 48 kg weight started to competition. The special event for us that the athlete Morgan King from “Phoenix- Zirve” performed in this category. She has performed under the guidance of the well-known former athlete and specialist Shahin Nasiri in the team of the USA. Morgan King lifted 83 kg in snatch and got 4th place. Furthermore, “Phoenix- Zirve” representative renewed the 16 yearly record performance of the USA’s athlete. Until this time the heaviest weight – 82,5 kg was lifted by Tara Nott in Olympic Games in 2000.
For the last time, an American athlete got 7th place with lifting 100 kg at clean and jerk. Morgan Whitney King renewed her personal performance by lifting totally 183 kg (83+100) and got 6th place. Being “Zirve”, we congratulate our representative from USA with her debut in Olympic Games, and wish to perform successfully in all next contests.