Good news: Nataly Prischepa got license to Rio!


“Chisinau-Zirve” athlete and a head coach of the Azerbaijan women national team Nataly Prischepa had a good news for us. After banning Russia national team from Olympic Games International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) passed one license to Moldova. And 26 years old athlete of “Zirve” chosed as a holder. This was a surprise for her and us, too.
She got a bronze medal in European Weightlifting Championships in Forde, Norway, on April, in 75 weight category. We can say that Nataly earned this license by her hard work and success.
Nataly leaving for Rio tomorrow. She is very good athelte and we sure that she will successfully represent either Moldova, or Azerbaijan! Good luck, Nataly!
Mult noroc, Nataly!